Each month, we gather together our Known Collective mentoring community to build community and talk best practices as we seek to create spaces where women can be real and engage in conversations that matter.

This month, we’re gathering on March 31st at 12pm ET to discuss books! Reading is a huge part of a Known Collective mentoring group and so we’ll discuss why reading matters, what types of books work best, and how to make the most of the book portion of your meeting.

And then we want to hear from you! If you’ve led a mentoring group, what books do you think are “must-reads.” And if you haven’t led a group yet, we’d still love to hear what books you’ve seen work in other formats or books you’re excited to dig into with your mentees. So if you want to share, come prepared with a few titles to recommend and why you think they are great.

Depending on time, we’ll close with some more general Q&A. We hope you can join us! RSVP below to save your spot.